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What is your mission?

What is your mission? What motivates you? Why do you do this?

I was recently asked these questions, and it truly made me think. So, let’s start with the obvious. When I first decided to start my bookkeeping business, I did it for my son. To provide him with a better life, to be able to work from home, set my own schedule, be my own boss, and most importantly, be a present mom.

Now, what is my mission? Honestly, I don’t have a clear answer right now. But, I do know that I love helping people & those around me – concerning my business; my clients – small business owners & leaders of nonprofit organizations. Helping them keep their books in order & finances on track, guiding them to reach & achieve their set goals. Sharing my experiences & knowledge; helping them understand their finances to make better & wiser decisions.

My mission? My motivation? My son – My business – My clients. Right now, what I can say is that I will continue working hard toward growing my business and reaching my goals. And I will do the same for my clients. I will continue guiding them, supporting them, and helping them grow & achieve their goals.

Yup, it is not easy. That is why I need to stay focused and push through fears & challenges! And for that, I have been blessed with a great support system – Lydia Sierra Consulting, Tiffani Higgins, and Alyssa J Dillon. Super grateful for these strong, grounded businesswomen!

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