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Finacially ready for 2022?

Are you ready to take control of your financial future in 2022?

Yes, I am talking to you, Nonprofit Leaders.
Every year you make the same false promise that you will get your bookkeeping done on time.

You will keep track of your income & expenses. You will keep track of your programs & projects better this year.

You will know and understand your financial situation better this year.
But here you are in May, almost halfway through the year, and you have barely touched your books. Here you are, realizing that you are struggling to know how much you have left from that restricted grant you received – how much you really made from that fundraising event – how much you have in your overall budget.

You are not sure how your organization is performing – other than you have money in your bank account, and well, that’s good!

I get it; you have been busy doing what you love, planning fundraising events, and engaging & giving to your community.
Luckily for you, there are people who help with this exact thing.
This is EXACTLY why BCS exists,

  • to support you with your financial management
  • to guide you, answer your questions & help you avoid mistakes from happening
  • to empower you & help you grow your organization
  • to take away the worry & stress of managing the books, so you can instead spend your valuable time doing what you love – giving to and engaging with your community.

So, why not give BCS a try?
Message us today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION to learn more about how best we may be able to help your financial management needs.
BCS is here to help!

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